Frequently Asked Questions

What is NIC Insurance Filings and how does it work?

NIC Insurance Filings, formerly known as MCInfo, allows insurance entities to submit insurance forms to participating government agencies electronically in a single filing, eliminating duplicate data entry and saving time.

Users from enrolled insurance companies, managing general agents (MGAs), and filing agents can log into their NIC Insurance Filings accounts to submit insurance documentation, track progress, and download copies of documents filed.

Similarly, users from participating states can log into their NIC Insurance Filings accounts to review insurance documentation and approve and reject filings.

In addition, insurance companies and state agencies can use web service integration to automatically exchange (send and receive) filing data between their back-end systems and NIC Insurance Filings.

NIC Insurance Filings allows insurance entities to generate insurance forms via paper to subsequently be mailed or faxed to states that do not accept filings through NIC Insurance Filings.

My organization has its own system to manage insurance filings. Can I integrate my system with NIC Insurance Filings to automatically transmit and receive filing data?

Yes, insurance companies and state agencies can set up web service integration to exchange (send and receive) information with NIC Insurance Filings. Please review the web service documentation at insurance company and state agency and contact for more information.

What was the original name of NIC Insurance Filings?

For the last two decades, NIC Insurance Filings was known as National Online Registries (NOR) Motor Carrier Information Exchange (MCInfo). NIC Insurance Filings reflects recent modernization of the filing system, expanded offerings of filing forms, and options to file in more participating states.

Why is NOR MCInfo now called NIC Insurance Filings?

NIC Insurance Filings better reflects its relationship as a wholly owned subsidiary to its parent company NIC, Inc. The new name, NIC Insurance Filings, demonstrates the broader vision for making the system a more comprehensive filing solution. For over 30 years, NIC has partnered with government to provide services to motor vehicle departments, payment processing, and more. Learn more at

Can I log into NIC Insurance Filings with my MCInfo credentials?

Yes, your user name and password will remain active and unchanged. You can continue to log in with your existing credentials and file forms through the same simple process.

Does NIC Insurance Filings work differently from MCInfo?

No. The process to file forms and track progress has not changed. In the future, you may notice changes that streamline the system and improve your experience in alignment with the new goals for NIC Insurance Filings, including new forms and participating states.

Which types of forms can I file through NIC Insurance Filings?

You can file several standard state insurance forms, including Forms E, H, and K, as well as California state-specific forms (CA MCP 65, MCP 66, REG 1323, and REG 1325).

High risk personal auto insurance forms SR-22, SR-23, and/or SR-26 are now available for electronic filing to the state of Iowa, Washington, and Maine. Please reach out to the NIC Insurance Filings team to inquire about availability of financial responsibility forms for other states.

Many states require insurance companies to file the same forms for each client. NIC Insurance Filings helps you save time by allowing you to create and file forms electronically to as many as 23 participating states simultaneously in a few minutes. You can enter all required data once, and NIC Insurance Filings will transmit the information to all selected states in a single filing.

You can also complete federal forms (MCS 90, BMC-91X, BMC-34, and BMC-35) for states that require them, or generate paper copies for your convenience.

Can I file federal forms through NIC Insurance Filings?

NIC Insurance Filings provides the option to generate federal forms via paper to then be printed and mailed or faxed to government entities.

Which states accept forms filed through NIC Insurance Filings?

23 states currently accept electronic filings submitted via NIC Insurance Filings: Alabama, California, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Washington.

NIC Insurance Filings provides the option to generate paper filings in all other states. These can be printed and submitted via mail, fax, or other means.

We are working to expand NIC Insurance Filings electronic filing availability to more states

Which unique California insurance forms can I file through NIC Insurance Filings?

You can file four California insurance forms through NIC Insurance Filings.

  • MCP 65 - Certificate of Insurance for Motor Carriers of Property
  • MCP 66 - Notice of Cancellation of Insurance
  • REG 1323 - Certificate of Insurance for Private Carriers of Passengers
  • REG 1325 - Notice of Cancellation of Insurance

What's the difference between California forms MCP 65/MCP 66 and REG 1323/REG 1325 forms?

MCP 65 and MCP 66 forms are required for property carriers, while REG 1323 and REG 1325 forms are filed for passenger carriers that are not compensated (e.g., church vans, camp vehicles).

I represent a state that has a system which collects insurance forms. Can NIC Insurance Filings transmit filings into my state's system automatically?

Yes, your state can be set up to automatically pull filings from NIC Insurance Filings. Please contact for more information.

Who can file through NIC Insurance Filings?

Insurance companies, managing general agents (MGAs), filing agents, and insurance company representatives can sign up for an account to submit forms to participating states through NIC Insurance Filings. Register online as an insurance company and download the participation agreement.

How can my company or agency sign up for NIC Insurance Filings?

To sign up for an NIC Insurance Filings agency account, complete the registration form.

An insurance company should register online and download the participation agreement.

I have an NIC Insurance Filings login ID, but I can't log in. What do I do?

From the NIC Insurance Filings homepage, click on Password Reset to request a temporary password.

If you still can't log in, reach out to NIC Insurance Filings customer support for assistance at or call (703) 841-6374, Monday - Friday from 9AM - 5PM Eastern time.

As an account administrator, what options do I have to manage the users for my company's account?

The Manage User interface allows the account administrator to add/delete users, assign users to specific filing companies or review a list of users for each filing company.

How can my company or agency add new users to our account?

Your company's account administrator adds new users via the Manage User interface.

The account administrator clicks the Add User button to create a new user. Then, they are prompted to enter the user's full name and email address. By default, new users can file on behalf of all of your filing companies.

The system will email the new user their login credentials.

How do I know if a state received my filing?

After submitting a filing electronically, the on-screen receipt indicates that your filing was sent to the state(s). Filings are sent automatically by NIC Insurance Filings when the submit button is clicked.

You can track the progress of your filing using the search features in your account.

Paper forms for non-participating states must be printed and submitted through other means outside of NIC Insurance Filings.

How do I know that a state processed my documents?

Documents are processed by representatives from participating government agencies within the NIC Insurance Filings system. Turn on email notifications in your profile to receive updates immediately after your filing is processed.

Processing time varies based on the agency, time of year, and the number of documents waiting for state review.

What is the cost to use NIC Insurance Filings?

Filers pay a $5.50 fee per form, per state. No additional charges above and beyond the $5.50 filing fee are assessed to insurance companies. States participate in NIC Insurance Filings at no charge.

My company has an NIC Insurance Filings account. How can I begin using it?

Reach out to your organization's account administrator to request user credentials. Email if you are not sure who acts as the administrator for your organization.

I am an administrator for my organization. How do I log in?

Go to the NIC Insurance Filings login page and enter your administrator credentials.

Is there a user manual to teach me how to use NIC Insurance Filings?

A manual for insurance users is available upon logging into the system. Insurance administrators can learn about account management features by watching a tour available via the My Profile page.

Does NIC Insurance Filings have information about specific filing requirements for participating states?

Yes, the NIC Insurance Filings user manual contains any special filing instructions for the participating states. This manual is available for insurance users and can be found in the top navigation bar when logged in.

Can NIC Insurance Filings help me file for states that don't currently participate?

Yes, you can generate paper forms for states that do not currently participate in NIC Insurance Filings. Paper forms must be printed, then submitted via mail, fax or other means.

My account is locked and I can't log in. Who do I contact?

From the NIC Insurance Filings homepage, click Password Reset to unlock your account and request a temporary password.

If you still can't log in, reach out to NIC Insurance Filings Support for assistance at or call (703) 841-6374, Monday - Friday from 9AM - 5PM Eastern time.

What forms can I file to the state of Iowa through NIC Insurance Filings?

Users currently can send five forms to Iowa through NIC Insurance Filings:

  • Form E, Uniform Motor Carrier Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Certificate of Insurance,
  • Form K, Uniform Notice of Cancellation of Motor Carrier Insurance Policies,
  • SR-22, Uniform Financial Responsibility Certificate of Insurance, and
  • SR-23, Uniform Financial Responsibility Notice for Fleets, and
  • SR-26, Uniform Financial Responsibility Notice of Cancellation or Termination.

What is Form SR-22?

Form SR-22 is the short-hand name for the Uniform Financial Responsibility or Certificate of Automobile Liability Insurance. SR-22 forms are required as proof of financial responsibility following the suspension or revocation of a driver's or owner's operating and registration privileges. Many states require future proof of financial responsibility for reinstatement.

What is Form SR-26?

The Uniform Financial Responsibility Notice of Cancellation or Termination, also known as Form SR-26, is required by some states when the SR-22 or SR-23 certificate of insurance is no longer required or when an insurance policy is cancelled.

What is Form SR-23?

This form shows proof of financial responsibility. Form SR-23 is known as Uniform Financial Responsibility Notice for Fleets and should be filed when the individual drives for an employer who is a fleet owner.

What is Form F?

Form F, titled Uniform Motor Carrier Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Insurance Endorsement, is a companion endorsement to Form E. Form E is the actual insurance certificate.

Are Form F and the MCS90 endorsement the same?

No. Form F and the MCS90 endorsement are similar, but are used for different types of carriers. MCS90 is a federal form for interstate carriers. Form F is used for intrastate motor carriers.

Can I submit Form F electronically?

No. Form F is available on NIC Insurance Filings to print only. NIC Insurance Filings users should contact the state for filing requirements and instructions.

Need help?

Review the FAQs for further information. If further assistance is needed, please contact us by phone at (703) 841-6374 or by email at, Monday - Friday from 9AM - 5PM Eastern time.

Want to sign up for an account?

State agencies should complete the request form for an account. You can expedite the sign-up process by checking the box to receive a contract by email right away.

An insurance company can complete a contract online, or download the participation agreement.

Return completed paper contracts by email to or fax to (703) 841-6370.